Flora and Fauna

The diversity of life that covers the waterway and its catchment covers everything from terrestrial animals to kelp. Coastal vegetation provides breeding and foraging habitat for a number of threatened species, including the endangered swift parrot, Tasmanian devil and Forty-spotted Pardalote – as well as more than 50 other listed flora and fauna species.

Animals reliant on the marine environment of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and Huon estuary include a range of resident and migratory species adapted to either estuarine or fully marine conditions. At least 150 fish species occur in the waterway, while over 200 species of algae occur at the entrance to the Huon alone.

If you see marine mammals, it is important to observe the guidelines for interacting with whales and dolphins. Members of the public are encouraged to report whale and dolphin sightings or strandings, and injured or entangled marine mammals at the 24hr/7 day Marine Mammal Hotline 0427 WHALES (0427 942 537).