Boating and fishing

The waterway is regarded as a world-class area for boating and fishing, and is a destination favoured by many boat owners in Hobart and Tasmania.  Marine and Safety Tasmania is the organisation to check with if you are thinking of coming down and want to know about mooring, boat waste, and what general marine safety practices and guidelines apply.  The D’Entrecasteaux Channel and lower Huon estuary caters for a wide range of boating activities from commercial ferries and large yachts to kayaks and dingys.   Many sailing regattas are held in the waterway.  If this is what brings you to the waterway, it is useful to be aware of the boating clubs based around the waterway:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the fishing opportunities in the waterway have changed significantly over the decades.  The best documented change is the rise and fall of the scallop industry in the waterway.

The Collaboration is promoting registration of species rarely caught in the waterway with Redmap.  Redmap is a Tasmanian initiative that uses community registration of unusual species to track the redistribution of marine species.  Through Redmap, fishers can build hard data that helps understand if and how oceanic currents are affecting our waterway.

This is a handy reference if you are new to fishing in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and want to know what to expect and where best to start.  We’d love to hear how you fare, and if this is the sport for you then it is certainly worth hooking up with the Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishing.

If you are fishing in the waterway, please help maintain viable fish stock by adhering to the guide for recreational fishing.