Beaches and swimming

The coastline of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel and lower Huon estuary hosts many small, hidden and pretty beaches.  The shelter of the waterway means these beaches are characterised by calm waters.

Some beaches favoured by visitors approaching by land and the facilities available at those beaches are:

West shoreline of the waterway (North to South)

  • Tinderbox Beach* (toilets, playground, bbq)
  • Peggys Beach
  • Snug Beach* (toilets)
  • Coningham Beach* (toilets)
  • Trial Bay (toilets, swings, bbq)
  • Middleton Beach (toilets, playground)
  • Nine Point Marine Reserve (note: this a popular dive site, NOT a beach!)
  • Verona Sands (toilets)
  • Randalls Bay (toilets)
  • Eggs & Bacon Bay (toilets)
  • Esperance Beach
  • Roaring Beach
  • Kent Beach, Dover

Bruny Island shoreline of the waterway (South to North)

  • Jetty Beach (toilets, Tas Parks and Wildlife Service campground)
  • Curlew Beach
  • Sheepwash Bay
  • Alonnah Beach*
  • Nebraska Beach*

* As a base security process, each summer Kingborough Council weekly monitors these sites for enterococci, which is the preferred recreational water quality measure.   Water quality conditions for at swimming sites in the waterway have traditionally been excellent and there have been no closures of recreational beaches due to water quality.  However, as a general rule analysis results are likely to be higher after rainfall.  It is therefore recommended that beach-goers not swim at urban beaches for a few days after heavy rainfall.